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The company specializes in providing commercial concrete for civil and industrial projects

In the bustling spring atmosphere, Da Nang Dang Hai Concrete Joint Stock Company held the opening ceremony at the beginning of the year and implemented the production and business task in 2019.

Dang Hai Concrete Company makes a meaningful trip to visit and give gifts to children at Quang Chau Pagoda with the desire to bring a happy 1/6 day and make a small contribution with the temple in the journey to raise , teach children.

A solid foundation will make the work durable. Therefore, careful and meticulous foundation construction.

Golden sand is one of the indispensable aggregates at mixing stations for mixing fresh concrete and commercial concrete.

We all know that the arrangement of steel is extremely important to the stability and safety of an entire building.

The Ministry of Construction and the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA) are studying the proposal, proposing the Government to consider adding capital to social houses as well as reducing taxes for social housing construction enterprises for rent. .

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