Determination of iron volume for 1m2 of concrete floor of civil houses


1m2 of civil floor how much kilogram of iron?

To calculate the iron volume for 1m2 of concrete floor, most people convert the unit of measurement of volume (m³) to kg and very rarely use the unit of area (m²) to convert. In your case, the floor must always have a certain thickness of it.

So you should convert to m3 before calculating the kg offline

So how much does 1m2 of residential floor cost?

To accurately calculate the amount of iron and steel consumed during construction, it is necessary to rely on each individual characteristics of the building such as settlement, bearing strength, ... Below is a table of basic calculation values, You can refer to yourself:

Foundation: 100 -120 kg iron / m3.

Flooring: 120kg - 150kg iron / m3

Column: 170k -190kg iron / m3 with span <5m and 200kg - 250kg iron / m3 with span> 5m.

Beams: 150kg - 220kg iron / m3.

Wall: 180kg - 200kg iron / m3.

Stairs: 120 - 140kg / m3.

Laxatives, slugs: 90kg - 120kg / m3.


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