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Facing the complicated movements of the acute respiratory disease epidemic caused by the new strain of Corona virus (COVID-19) in the past, responding to the Central Committee's call for "The population to join hands to prevent the COVID -19 epidemic" Central Vietnam Fatherland Front, Ministry of Construction has taken many practical actions to contribute to the prevention of COVID-19.

The Trade Union of the Ministry of Construction gives gifts to the Office of the Ministry of Construction

On the morning of March 25, at the Ministry of Construction, Ms. Diep Thi Thu Huyen - Chairman of Trade Union of the Ministry of Construction, on behalf of all cadres, civil servants, officials and employees of Trade Union of the Ministry of Construction donating funding for COVID-19 prevention and control to the Ministry of Construction's Office with 1,000 masks and VND 50 million.

The number of masks and funding continues to contribute to the Ministry of Construction's synchronized measures to prevent, combat and prevent COVID-19 disease; strengthen inspection, surveillance and prevention of diseases under the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

Earlier, the Ministry of Construction also donated VND 150 million to the COVID-19 disease prevention fund of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee; supporting doctors and medical staff of the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital No. 2 (Dong Anh, Hanoi) 30 hospital beds worth VND 55 million; support the Hospital to build 1,000 masks and VND 50 million.

At the headquarters of the Ministry of Construction has been equipped with a number of body temperature measuring devices for all working visitors and officials and employees before coming to work at the Ministry agencies; installing disinfection hand-washing equipment in all elevators, corridors, one-door and administrative units; equipping masks, hand-washing water, gloves for the units that are in constant contact with visitors to the working contacts; organize spraying disinfecting the entire campus of the Ministry to ensure the best hygiene and prevention.

CONINCO Consulting Technology, Equipment and Construction Verification supports the Covid-19 disease prevention fund launched by the Ministry of Construction.

On the same day, CONINCO Consultancy of technology, equipment and construction inspection also supported the COVID-19 epidemic prevention fund of VND 200 million. This is one of the activities organized by the Ministry of Construction Trade Union's Labor Union to express all its staff, deep affection and responsibility, contributing to sharing and bringing strength to Vietnam to win the great victory. Translate.

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